The Waiting Game

” … for one who is waiting time feels at a standstill”

… and we waited, and we waited, for what seemed like an eternity. Every day checking emails until at last one popped up at the beginning of February.

The good news was we had passed the online assessment and would be invited for an interview – and to wait for another email to tell us when.

So we waited, and we waited again until in the middle of April it arrived. We had to choose 3 options of interview dates and locations, after a brief discussion we had decided and eagerly sent back our choices, and sat back to wait again.

And finally at the end of May our interview date was set for 13th August, another 3 months to wait.

In the meantime we had 2 weeks in Brittany, a couple of music festivals and weekends away to look forward to, all the time wondering if this was to be the last summer we would be staying on sites as holidaymakers. Next summer we might be on the other side of the fence.

August arrived and a warm sunny day dawned as we set off for our interview. Everyone’s advice was “just be yourself” so we took that on board and hoped they would like us for who we naturally are. We were interviewed separately whilst the other was being shown around the site by the Head Warden. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and could really envisage ourselves in the life and the job role.

On the way home in the car as we each debriefed our respective interviews it was amusing to find that we had given the same answers to most of their questions, although we had not rehearsed anything and of course had no idea beforehand what the interview questions would be. It appeared that it had amused the interviewers aswell!

They had said it would be 2 weeks to wait until we heard next and bang on 2 weeks to the date another email arrived. We were successful at the interview and would be invited for a weekend of work experience. We were asked to give 3 weekend dates when we were available so these were hastily decided and sent back and we waited to hear when we would be travelling to a site.

Not long to wait this time and we had a date set for mid September. The weather forecast was for a beautiful weekend and as we set off on the Thursday afternoon we were excitedly looking forward to a taster of what might be our new life.

We had a fabulous weekend, although it did end up raining on the Sunday. But that didn’t put a damper on our enthusiasm and we tackled every duty and took on every instruction with zest. As guests on the sites as we sit in our cosy vans with a cuppa, or lounge in the sunshine with a long cool glass of something we have all watched the wardens walking around, occasionally stopping to chat, picking up the odd bit of rubbish, and no doubt have all commented ” I’d like a job like that- can’t be hard can it?” But who knew just what was involved behind the scenes, we couldn’t even have imagined what has to be done to keep the site running like clockwork, and to the high standards we have all come to expect, and we had just had a very brief introduction to a small part of the mammoth role of a Site Warden. As we arrived home on the Sunday evening we fell into bed totally whacked but with big smiles on our faces. We had a great sense of achievement and satisfaction and both with no doubt that this was the life we wanted.

The waiting was definitely getting shorter as it was only 2 days later we had the most important email of all – they liked us! We had been offered positions as Assistant Site Wardens.

But the waiting was still not over, we are now waiting to hear what site we will be offered to take up our positions in March 2020.

Watch this space…………..

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